Car Rental – The three major points regarding smart and cost effective car rental

Why rent a car in the first place?

Your purpose in car rental is definitely the main question for you to begin with. Finding the honest answer to “Why” would better lead you to the answers on “What” and “How to”. These are not less important questions, when you wish to efficiently follow through this mission.

Let us begin with your main purpose, which is obviously affected by the nature of your travel itinerary. Is your planned trip of business nature or rather a personal vacation? Will you travel alone, with spouse, family or friends? Would you actually need to commute within the destination city or between cities and/or other locations? All answers to the aforementioned basics, would naturally determine the remaining factors. All which would and should guide you to what you actually need in a rental car.

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Which rental car best meets your needs?

Following and suiting the above, along with your personal taste and preferences, let’s take a deeper look into your car rental needs.

One can only assume that if you plan to visit and commute alone or as a couple (just with a carry on bag or even two suitcases) in a traffic challenged city (i.e. major cities), and yet you choose not to take advantage of public transportation options, for any reason, it would be advisable to rent a small basic car; thus easier to park and cheaper on gas and rental price.
Here’s another scenario: You’re going on a family vacation with your spouse and three kids or babies. In such case you would most likely want to rent a comfortable and spacious SUV or Van to fit your family and gear.

The above reflect only two familiar scenarios, while there are surely enough other options and variations.

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How to choose from the vast variety of rental cars offered?

Once you have figured out the “why” and “what”, then it’s time to choose from the variety of suppliers and cars offered.  Nonetheless, resolving the “when” and “where” questions is not less important. Should you pre-order online, or walk-in a car rental desk at the airport or hotel? Will you travel during high or low season? It would have a crucial effect on prices and availability, similarly to flights and hotels.

What is the offered mileage plan as well as insurance coverage included (i.e. CDW, Theft Protection, Emergency Roadside assistance, etc.)? You might not see it beforehand, but the last two can seriously affect the price comparison between car rental providers. This means that before being lured into the cheap deal, you should really look further in the terms and conditions. This means that you must examine of the overall expected cost effectiveness versus the potential loss in an unfortunate insurance event.

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Summing up, car rental, as simply presented above, should not be taken lightly, but rather seriously examined while considering all factors. Last but not least, please drive safely!

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