Terms of use

Terms of Use

  • Prices shown on the website represent prices for online orders only through the suppliers’ sites advertised on Chuzit website and under their sole responsibility.
  • All information and data about the services and products offered on the site and the warranty on the nature of these services are based entirely on those of the relevant suppliers and therefore the responsibility for such information and data is limited, as obtained from the databases of those suppliers.
  • Chuzit website is not registered / used as an agent or tourist supplier, and at this stage does not actually sell the tourism services presented on the site, but the sale and ordering is actually carried out by the relevant suppliers.
  • Do not rely on the images displayed on the site, as these are for illustrative purposes only.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about using Chuzit website, feel free to contact us on the contact form
  • Although some language is used from time to time in some formulations on the site, these are formulations for marketing purposes only and to remove the use of the site for all genders.